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Private Lesson

Advance Sabre - $150 per/month

Intermediate Sabre - $100 per/month

Begining Sabre - $50 per/month

Membership - $125 per/month

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“Golden Sabre Academy” is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

# 47-1213847

$40 (20 min)

$20 (10 min)

1:30 min class, 2 times per week - Check Club Calendar

2 hours class, 2 times per week - Check Club Calendar


2 hours class, 2 times per week - Check Club Calendar


Elite Sabre - every Friday - Check Club Calendar





Private Lesson - $50

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Beginner Saber


This program teaches the basics of the sport, bouting rules, basic technique and tactics. Students will receive complimentary protective gear from club for up to three months. Routinely students are invited to participate in a tourney to apply their knowledge.

Intermediate Sabre


At this level all students are required to own a complete Electric Sabre Set. For students interested in competitive fencing, it is recommended they take at least one private lessons a week. Fencers may try to compete in local tournaments.

Advance Saber


This program is designed for the competitive athlete. Students in this class range from national and international level to region, division and local competitors. The ultimate goal of the this Program graduate is to join NCAA or Ivy League Colleges fencing club teams.

- By Appointment

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