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Scoring & Target


Saber is a “thrusting” weapon as well as a “cutting” weapon (using the tip as well as the side of the blade). The target area is from the waist line up, including the arms, to the top of the head, simulating the cavalry rider on a horse.




Speed and precision. Strategy and tactics. Agility and athleticism. Fencing engages us physically and mentally in ways that few other sports can.


This is why so many people develop a lifelong passion for fencing. It’s one of only four sports to have been included in every Summer Olympics since 1896.


Olympic fencing, originally an ancient sport, combines today’s classical combat with modern technology. For centuries fencing was widely practiced at traditional schools in France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Russia.


This rich history, combined with the enrichment of the total athlete, has enabled fencing to become an NCAA sport and a traditional sport of Ivy League Colleges. While fencing can be enjoyed by all ages, the dedication and commitment that it requires make it an impressive accomplishment on the résumé of any High School student athlete when applying for college.


The sport has enjoyed growing popularity in the USA in recent years with recognition for our own Olympic team in 2004 and 2008 when US saber fencer Mariel Zagunis win TWO GOLD at the Olympic Games in Athens and Beijing. She was chosen to be the flag bearer of the United States Team at the 2012 Summer Olympics Parade of Nations in London.

Even USA President was inspired to fence at the White House with one of US Olympians, Tim Morehouse and Ibtihaj Muhammad.

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Modern fencing is one of the safest martial art sports. The protective gear used in fencing includes leather gloves, masks (which must meet international strength standards), and uniforms (which are made of Kevlar, the same material used to make bulletproof vests). All weapons are made of flexible blades with blunted covered tips. The saber fencer’s uniform includes a sleeved metallic jacket (lamé) on top of the regular one, which covers the target area to register valid touches on the scoring machine. The mask is different from foil and epée with an entire metallic covering, since the head is a valid target area, too. In addition to a body cord, a mask clip is used to connect the metallic mask to the jacket and continue the electric circuit to the scoring machine.


A study and statistic chart of fencing injuries.

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